Spring Time Shopping

Hi Guys! Spring is here and although you wouldn’t know it by the current round of thunderstorms, it really is almost time for sunbathing. As I talk with my gym buddies, I hear many women looking for great swimwear that doesn’t break the bank. Well……enter the deal finder, lol!

Here is a great deal I found for a friend of mine who was specifically looking for a racing type suit:


At $23.95, this is a steal!

Another great deal at $14.95 is at this link:


This is an adorable option for those who like a splash of color, and at only $24.95, it’s a FABULOUS price!


Here is the CUTEST pair of board shorts that you might like to wear with your suit:


At $12.95, this is a great addition to your Spring and Summer wardrobe!

These are fun too at $11.95:



Well, I think that’s it for now, but let me know if you’re looking for anything special, ok? Have a great time shopping and remember–NEVER pay full price! 🙂





Must Read!

Anytime you start getting sick of your daily grind, you start wondering what you can do to make a change. It’s easy to have a broad idea, but how do you narrow that down to small manageable steps you can easily implement?

There is a book that is absolutely amazing towards this goal and it will completely change the way you look at how you reach your objectives! It’s fantastic and I can’t wait to see the continued results of my life as I make big changes for me and my family. When you improve yourself and how you mentally deal with challenges, you are also giving those you love a valuable lesson at the same time.

Check it out here:

Let me know what you think! If’ you’re not hooked after the first paragraph, I’ll be shocked!

Big Changes

You know, sometimes we can be wishing and hoping and wondering if things will ever change. The problem is that we never put any action behind it. How are things going to change if you continue to do the same things every day? That’s the definition of insanity for sure, and no, I can’t claim that line — someone else came up with that wonderful piece of truth.However, that doesn’t mean I disagree.

I think one thing that we overlook is the potential in various opportunities. We automatically see the hard work, the inconvenience and the time that we’re going to have to invest and we write it off thinking–that could never work. Not now, not with everything else I’m doing….but we fail to recognize that it could be the key to getting out of our current rat race!

Look outside the box, rise above the fog and take a chance! If you fail, then you fail–but at least you tried! If you really gave 110% and it did not give you the expected results, then perhaps there is something out there better for you. But here’s the key: find what you love–find what you’re passionate about! Find what makes you smile when everything else is going wrong and follow that.

When you love something that much and then you turn it into a life project–you have to succeed. Yes, there will be hard times but when you love the subject matter or goal like crazy–you’re not going to give up at the first sign of trouble.

Unfortunately, that’s when many people throw perfectly good ideas away and they really miss out on some fabulous results! See it through and see how life doesn’t have to be one big drudgery. It can be fun, it can be relaxing AND productive, and you don’t have to hate your job.

From someone who is embarking on new things, this is the motivation in the back of my mind. Freedom takes effort, but it’ so worth fighting for!

If you want to see what I’m working on, you can head over to Miss Wordy and check it out for yourself! 🙂

The Missing Story Line….

Have you ever had the start of an awesome story in your head that went…….nowhere??? The opening scene has all the action you could want and before you know it, you’re pulled headfirst into the second scene—and then……it’s a blank! What happens? Does the story just leave into thin air? Does it just magically stop playing somewhere? That movie in your head doesn’t stop going through the reel but it doesn’t give up any of its secrets either. That is so wrong!

In the meantime, you’re left with a half-written story that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere….until wait….1:30 am! Then, just like you pushed Pause for a while, somebody pushes Play once again! It starts flowing, making sense and you finally have your third and final scene! Yay! Oh wait, where’s a pen? Where’s a paper, for Pete’s sake? Who keeps this stuff on their night stand anyway??

A writer, of course! We are completely familiar with how a story will decide to leave the meeting and reconvene whenever it prefers. For this reason, we know exactly why you have three things by your bed at all times: a pen, paper, and a touch lamp! Then, that story line that tried to get away is going to get caught and written down finally! It cannot get away and you get your victory, lol.

See? These are the exciting night thoughts of a writer. You may think we dream, fantasize and otherwise enjoy the show behind our eyelids, but I beg to differ. There is nothing so exciting as spilling your water bottle, knocking down every book and magazine in the pile and making enough noise to wake up your spouse to get a fleeting thought down as it passes from ear to ear. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya! 😉

Sweet Dreams, Fellow Writers! Here’s to keeping your water cup away from the direct line of sight between you and your pad of paper! 😀

The Cookies

Yep, that is what they were known as, with a very ominous tone being used on the “The” part of that phrase. This is what happens when you let an amateur in the kitchen with a recipe they have never used before. Now I don’t want to be too critical, especially since I was the baker, but I do have to say that they made great frisbees! This is okay to talk about now since this experience is quite old, but it was very educational and funny atthe same time.

When you look at a recipe, you see to leave them in the oven until they are golden brown. What they don’t tell you is that at the same time, they are also welding themselves to the cookie sheet. I’m convinced this is some sort of self-preservation method, of course, but it basically ensure they are going to fly across the kitchen after you spatula finally makes it way under the edge of one. Hence, the cookie crumbs we could months later in all the small areas of my kitchen–you know, the corners behind the fridge that get cleaned once a year??

Anyway, I figured if I shared this that someone else could sympathize. Surely, I cannot be the only one who has succumbed to trying a new recipe that left out the magic ingredient that would make it edible. If you have, please feel free to share and let me know I’m not alone, lol!! Have a great day, and don’t worry, I’m staying out of the kitchen today….;)

Wonders of a Work Calendar

So I was reading this book last night called The 4-Hour Work Week and the author made an excellent point. Many times during the day, we find ourselves doing a lot but not necessarily being productive. This could have anything to do with either answering emails that could wait or looking up stuff for a party that we’re planning three weeks from now. All of this takes away from what you want to accomplish today and then puts you in a state of regret by the time the day is over.

When you’re working on something, take a closer look at it. Is it making you money? Is it something that has to be done right now? You will find that making a list of things that must be done the night before, along with priorities given to each of them, will keep you on track. Then, you can check yourself during the day with a question: “Am I being productive or just busy?” I’d love to take credit for that, but again, it’s from Timothy Ferriss’ book I mentioned above.

If you’re struggling and trying to find out why you’re not accomplishing things in a day–use this litmus test. It’s free and you can use it at any time–whether it’s about laundry or actual production at your job. Think about it before you start, make sure it’s going to give you results before the end of the day and then move forward appropriately. This kind of thinking is going to change your productivity levels instantly and give you more confidence when you look at everything on your schedule.

Usually, there is plenty on our work schedule to do and it can be hard to prioritize things without help. Try doing it like this, such as those things that MUST be done today, those things that CAN be done tomorrow and those things that you’re working on the future. This will at least help generalize categories so you can break it all down. Use this and let me know what you think, ok? Have a great and PRODUCTIVE day! 🙂

Nail Polish Blues

You know how when you first put your nail polish on–it looks great? There are no smudges, no nicks–it looks like you paid for it–even though it may have been just you and the nail polish bottle on your kitchen table. Let me tell you this is the ONE moment for a typist or a writer when their nails look good!

It doesn’t matter how good things look right away because ten minutes later, when you are smokin’ on the keyboard, makin’ words fly onto the screen–your nails have paid the price. So you now have this 3/4 look with your nails and the bottom half looks like an accident. Yeesh.

But….this does not stop us, right? You know we are going to be in the kitchen again next week, trying to make our wreck of a nails look good again–at least until we have to work again. Ah, the joys of being a keyboarder in any form, right? 😉

So Ladies, I just wanted you to know that if you are dealing with this same situation–you have a sympathetic ear here, lol…Here’s to five-minute nails! Nope, that’s not how long they take to do–that’s how long they last! Ha ha–have a great day! 😀

P.S. Please excuse the flying chips of light blue polish on your cheeks as you read this-those were coming off my freshly polished tips……! 😉

So Excited!!

I am having so much fun with my new project at Miss Wordy! Everything is moving along so smoothly and I am learning a ton at the same time. Of course, none of this would be possible without my friend, who has graciously taken the time to explain things and show me how to do them. As the site grows, I hope you’ll take a look at it and even subscribe, so you can learn right along with me.

There are so many different types of writing projects and this may differ depending on whether you’re a student, a professor, an adult trying to earn some income or even someone just trying to write a letter. You’d be surprised to know how tough it is for some people to put some intelligent words on the page in a casual manner–but this is what my new site is about.

No matter what you’re after or what you’re trying to do, then look at it and let me know if you don’t see something you need. I’m happy to work on additional research topics to make it even better. This is for you guys–so let me know what works and what doesn’t! 🙂

All right, well work awaits, so now I must leave my funland and get back to it, lol! Have a great day all! 😀

P.S. My Protandim blog has been moved to the new site, so if that’s what you’re looking for–it’s at http://www.misswordy.com! 🙂

Protandim Blog Update

Hey All, I know the Protandim blog has been very popular–it has not been deleted! It has just been moved to my other page at Miss Wordy! Feel free to head over there and check it out whenever you like and let me know what you think of the new page, ok? 🙂 Have a great day!

To My Followers

Hi Guys, Thank you so much for following me during my writing adventures and I’m so excited to share so many new things with you! Let me introduce you to my new site: http://www.misswordy.com! Please subscribe to my posts there so you don’t miss anything great! Thanks again and can’t wait to see you there!!