Wonders of a Work Calendar

So I was reading this book last night called The 4-Hour Work Week and the author made an excellent point. Many times during the day, we find ourselves doing a lot but not necessarily being productive. This could have anything to do with either answering emails that could wait or looking up stuff for a party that we’re planning three weeks from now. All of this takes away from what you want to accomplish today and then puts you in a state of regret by the time the day is over.

When you’re working on something, take a closer look at it. Is it making you money? Is it something that has to be done right now? You will find that making a list of things that must be done the night before, along with priorities given to each of them, will keep you on track. Then, you can check yourself during the day with a question: “Am I being productive or just busy?” I’d love to take credit for that, but again, it’s from Timothy Ferriss’ book I mentioned above.

If you’re struggling and trying to find out why you’re not accomplishing things in a day–use this litmus test. It’s free and you can use it at any time–whether it’s about laundry or actual production at your job. Think about it before you start, make sure it’s going to give you results before the end of the day and then move forward appropriately. This kind of thinking is going to change your productivity levels instantly and give you more confidence when you look at everything on your schedule.

Usually, there is plenty on our work schedule to do and it can be hard to prioritize things without help. Try doing it like this, such as those things that MUST be done today, those things that CAN be done tomorrow and those things that you’re working on the future. This will at least help generalize categories so you can break it all down. Use this and let me know what you think, ok? Have a great and PRODUCTIVE day! 🙂


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