The Missing Story Line….

Have you ever had the start of an awesome story in your head that went…….nowhere??? The opening scene has all the action you could want and before you know it, you’re pulled headfirst into the second scene—and then……it’s a blank! What happens? Does the story just leave into thin air? Does it just magically stop playing somewhere? That movie in your head doesn’t stop going through the reel but it doesn’t give up any of its secrets either. That is so wrong!

In the meantime, you’re left with a half-written story that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere….until wait….1:30 am! Then, just like you pushed Pause for a while, somebody pushes Play once again! It starts flowing, making sense and you finally have your third and final scene! Yay! Oh wait, where’s a pen? Where’s a paper, for Pete’s sake? Who keeps this stuff on their night stand anyway??

A writer, of course! We are completely familiar with how a story will decide to leave the meeting and reconvene whenever it prefers. For this reason, we know exactly why you have three things by your bed at all times: a pen, paper, and a touch lamp! Then, that story line that tried to get away is going to get caught and written down finally! It cannot get away and you get your victory, lol.

See? These are the exciting night thoughts of a writer. You may think we dream, fantasize and otherwise enjoy the show behind our eyelids, but I beg to differ. There is nothing so exciting as spilling your water bottle, knocking down every book and magazine in the pile and making enough noise to wake up your spouse to get a fleeting thought down as it passes from ear to ear. Just ask me, I’ll tell ya! 😉

Sweet Dreams, Fellow Writers! Here’s to keeping your water cup away from the direct line of sight between you and your pad of paper! 😀


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