Big Changes

You know, sometimes we can be wishing and hoping and wondering if things will ever change. The problem is that we never put any action behind it. How are things going to change if you continue to do the same things every day? That’s the definition of insanity for sure, and no, I can’t claim that line — someone else came up with that wonderful piece of truth.However, that doesn’t mean I disagree.

I think one thing that we overlook is the potential in various opportunities. We automatically see the hard work, the inconvenience and the time that we’re going to have to invest and we write it off thinking–that could never work. Not now, not with everything else I’m doing….but we fail to recognize that it could be the key to getting out of our current rat race!

Look outside the box, rise above the fog and take a chance! If you fail, then you fail–but at least you tried! If you really gave 110% and it did not give you the expected results, then perhaps there is something out there better for you. But here’s the key: find what you love–find what you’re passionate about! Find what makes you smile when everything else is going wrong and follow that.

When you love something that much and then you turn it into a life project–you have to succeed. Yes, there will be hard times but when you love the subject matter or goal like crazy–you’re not going to give up at the first sign of trouble.

Unfortunately, that’s when many people throw perfectly good ideas away and they really miss out on some fabulous results! See it through and see how life doesn’t have to be one big drudgery. It can be fun, it can be relaxing AND productive, and you don’t have to hate your job.

From someone who is embarking on new things, this is the motivation in the back of my mind. Freedom takes effort, but it’ so worth fighting for!

If you want to see what I’m working on, you can head over to Miss Wordy and check it out for yourself! šŸ™‚


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