It Works! Wrap Review–the Ultimate Body Applicator in Action!

Hi Guys,

Okay, if you’ve been online for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen an ad for those “amazing body wraps” that help you lose weight in 45 minutes. If you’re like me, you think, “Sure, that would be great….I’ll just strap one of those on and all my Halloween transgressions will go away, lol!” Ah, if I only knew…..

The other night I was approached on Facebook about trying out a sample of these body wraps and doing a review. Since I was already curious, I jumped on the chance to see if these things actually worked! If they did, it’d be awesome of course, but to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting anything.

To give the process the right amount of attention, I waited until I was fully prepared and had time to spare in the evening. Then, I went into my bathroom/bedroom with a camera and my small number of supplies: the wrap, scissors, measuring tape and saran wrap. Hmmm, sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? 😉

Okay, so first things first–time to measure!

On this first night, I only had one free sample, but I also had two other wraps given to me by my sister who had ordered them previously. Rather than do one at a time, I decided to do all three at once. That meant I had to measure my stomach and both my thighs, where I was going to place them.

The measurements were as follows:

Waist: 35″

Left Thigh: 24″

Right Thigh: 24″

Stomach Before Wrap

Left Thigh before Wrap

Right Thigh before Wrap

For the record, I HATE taking pictures like this, but it was necessary for the review. I am well aware that I am not a model or anywhere close, so please don’t feel like I’m sharing these because I look so good–not! Even my “after” pictures are just to show some of the results and you can judge for yourself. 🙂

All right, so I proceeded to put the body wraps on, one at a time, and then wrap the area in saran to keep it in place. Once I had each thigh done, I covered up with a pair of sweat pants to wear to bed. My plan was to wear the wrap the full eight hours just to see what results would come of it. The package states that you can wear it from 45 minutes to 8 hours, so I thought I’d take full advantage of it.

After wrapping my stomach and feeling like plastic woman (lol, covered in saran), I walked down the hallway in my tshirt and sweat pants to check on my kiddos one more time before laying down. They were asleep but I was completely convinced they were going to wake up when they hear my “swish, swish” noises coming down the hall, ha ha! Anyway, I made it back to my bedroom and laid down for sleep.

Now, I don’t know what kind of weather you’re having, but it’s just now getting chilly from fall around here. When I first laid down, I figured the saran would keep me warm as well as the additional blankets. However, I was not prepared for the ICE CHILL that was going to settle in where the wraps were placed! Yikes, I thought I was wearing ice packs instead of a fat burner!! It was really cold at first, but soon enough, that died down and I got used to it.

Once I fell asleep, things were fine until I woke up about six hours later. Not only did I notice I was sweating (the obvious effects of sleeping in saran), but I was slippery. Even though it was 1am, I figured six hours was long enough. I got out of bed and took the wraps off, but rubbed the additional lotion in like the package said to do. There was a strong smell from the wraps, but I just kept on my tshirt and sweat pants and figured I’d take a shower later on at 6am when I got up.

Okay….so 6am rolled around and I was more than ready for a shower! I was also anxious to measure afterward and see what kind of results there were! Since the results were supposed to take a full 72 hours to show up, I went ahead and waited until that evening to measure.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Waist: 35-3/4″

Left Thigh: 23-1/4″

Right Thigh: 24″

Here’s some pictures to show you:

Stomach-Mid Process

Left Thigh-Mid Process

Right Thigh-Mid Process

Now, you’ll notice that my stomach is actually BIGGER than when I started! This is completely normal and in fact, encouraged the wrap biz owner when I told her about it. Her words were “bloaters are gloaters,” lol–talk about an interesting philosophy! No, seriously, she said that meant my body was detoxing and getting rid of the fat and toxins. I told her I would wait another day and measure again to get the full results.

After another day went by, I decided to take another set of pictures as well. Here they are to show you what my results looked like:

Waist: 34″

Left Thigh: 23-1/2″

Right Thigh: 23-5/8″

Stomach-After the Wrap

Left Thigh-After the Wrap

Right Thigh-After the Wrap

Now, I realize the difference in measurements is not huge, but it’s good. It was also something beyond a number measurement. I don’t know if you can see it like I felt it, but my stomach was tighter afterward. That little lip of skin that was hanging over in the “before” picture is not there in the second “after” picture. It was a result I could feel as well as see!

So there you have it! I am not selling these, so I don’t get any kickback if you choose to buy them. However, I am now a believer and will happily recommend them to others in full confidence. If you’re thinking of trying these body wraps to lose weight, go ahead! Of course, I also think they would be a fabulous addition to any diet changes. For an excellent diet plan, check out the Evil Master Diet Plan! This is my personal story of how I lost 13 pounds in 21 days! When I combine that plan with these body wraps, I can see a very profitable combination for anyone!

For more information on the body wraps, contact Susie Reel at her Facebook page, Your Body Wrap Biz! She is very helpful and will be able to answer any other questions you have. Here’s to good health and fit bodies!






Oasap Beauty!


Front view of Oasap Top


Back View of Oasap Top

These pictures are of a beautiful Long Sleeve Irregular Hem Cardigan I received from! Not only is it light and beautiful, but it matches up with nearly every outfit! The light grey is a compliment to your clothes without being too hot or “chunky” to wear. The price of $21 is fabulous so everyone can afford it as well! Check out this and much more like it at!


Fun Clothes for the End of Summer

Hi There Fellow Shoppers!

Today, I have found a great site where they have clothes for every budget! Depending on whether you only want to spend a little or a lot, they have the perfect outfit for you.

To introduce you to Oasap Hight Street Fashion, I have included some pictures and links to my favorites. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

The first dress that I love is their Long Classic Traverse Stripes Printing for only $25!

Oasap High Street Fashion

My second favorite item is a perfect date night dress! It’s fun, sexy and great for the wallet! Let me introduce you to the Sexy One Shoulder Wrinkled Mini Dress for only $26!

The Chic Asymmetric Draped Cowl Neckline One Shoulder Dress would be a great addition to any wardrobe and would look fantastic for several occasions. At the price of only $28, it’s super economical as well!

Oasap High Street Fashion

And now for a fantastic work outfit that would be beautiful in nearly any setting–the Elegant Flouncing Shoulder Lace-up Waistband Detail Dress! At only $29, it’s affordable for everyone and will give your wardrobe a sweet and spicy look!

I hope you enjoyed these outfits and like them as much as I did! To get a great deal on these and much more, simply click the banner below!

OASAP - The Latest Street Fashion

Oasap High Street Fashion

<a href="OASAP - The Latest Street Fashion” title=”Oasap High Street Fashion”>Oasap High Street Fashion

Amazing Deals at Great Prices!

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The Power of Faith

Mustard Seed Faith

Something has been on my mind a lot lately, and I’m finally putting it in print. With the goals that I want to reach in front of me, I have a lot of reasons to keep pushing and going until I achieve them. However, all of them take a ton of hard work and dedication, through some difficult financial times. So how do you focus on your dreams when you’re worried about today?

The power of belief is more than you can imagine. Jesus said it best of course, when He said that faith the size of a mustard seed would allow you to say, “Move!” to a mountain, and it would.

Then, you have the books about positive thinking and how really believing in yourself makes such a big difference.

Quotes abound about how if you don’t really believe and pursue your goals, you’ll never reach them. If you don’t actively work towards them and visualize the end result, they will never be fully realized. It means you have to put action behind your faith to help bring it about.

That means you have to work towards them already believing they have come to pass. How many times have you walked through a pitch black room knowing exactly where the door is? That’s what it can feel like sometimes when you’re struggling.

But before you give up, realize these things are true. The moment you start acting as if you’ve achieved your dreams–it’s incredibly freeing! It allows you to start making plans and moving forward in ways you would never have attempted before. It allows your mind and subconscious to keep you on track and focused during times when you may have been distracted before. All of these actions are moving you one or two steps forward a day to your dreams!

Writing down your goals and adding a date of completion is another part of this process and puts your faith on paper. It makes you accountable because it’s in front of you every day and you read it at least three times. Can you see where this is going? Can you see how this much mental focus and determination would put you ahead of the game?

A mustard seed is very small — it’s incredible. Can you come up with that much belief in yourself? Can you put that much faith in God? Can you realize that He wouldn’t give you dreams unless He meant to help you fulfill them? The power of faith is fantastic and truly life-changing.

Put yours to work today and step out into nothing! The faith you put in God and His guidance will catch you and lead you to places you’ve only dreamed of!

Tazy Cakes Review

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Free Video Software

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Cute Stuff from 31!

All right, guys, I’m having this great online party that doesn’t require anything but clicking through to get really fun items!

I LOVE butterflies, so when I saw these, I had to share!

At $12, those would make such a great gift-for me, lol! Hello, my birthday is coming up?? 😉 Kidding, but enjoy!

And then again, when you want to take those butterflies with you, here is a great $10 Mirror Compact:

Is that cute or what? I think it would be so cute in my purse!

Sorry if you’re sensing a theme here, but here is a Butterfly coin purse that I could find a million ways to show off!

$14 from now, you can have an adorable addition to your money handling, lol! 🙂

And finally to round out my selections, here is an awesome Butterfly utility bin that is just $22!

Check out my current 31 Party here and find some great deals you’ll fall in love with! 🙂

31 Party!

Spring Dresses!

You know those days when you wake up just wanting to wear an adorable dress all day? I know this happens to me quite a bit, and I just love feeling pretty in an effortless way! Of course, when you can find a beautiful dress at a great price, then it’s even better!

Here is an adorable dress you can add to your Spring wardrobe for less than $15!

This can be yours for just $12.11! Click on the picture for an easy sale!

Here’s another great choice and with a racer back, it has a fun side too:

For $19.99, is that not a cute selection? I love it!

For those of you who like to show off your wild side, here’s a fun choice:

At $19.50, you can’t get a better deal!

So yes, it’s a short list tonight, but I hope you enjoy them! Let me know your thoughts and as always, I’m happy to help you find something in particular! Happy Shopping! 🙂

More Summer Suits!

Okay guys, so this is actually a little more than I like to pay for a swimsuit, but if you consider that most of them are over $50, this is still a great deal–not to mention incredibly cute!

At $26.49, you can look stylish all summer long without spending your entire savings account! Let me know if you like it!

Yeah, I’m kind of a sucker for shorts and with the most expensive option being $11.99–this is an awesome price!

Okay, normally, I’m all about modesty and still looking cute. However, this is a very cute two-piece that I’m sure some people could pull off really well! The price is $23.00 and you can find it right here:

And everyone needs a seriously cute pair of shoes to wear to the pool!

At $6.38 for the pair, this is a great addition to your footwear collection. 🙂

Well, have fun shopping and I’m always happy to help you find something specific! 🙂